Unable to access website when Cloudflare cache is enabled

I nor my users are able to access my website. We get a 522 error and other 5xx errors. My developers have been troubleshooting this issue since 06/12/21.
We have pinpointed the cause of the problem to be Cloudflare’s firewall.
Traffic resolved normally with the current firewall rules until 06/12/21 which there has been no change to these rules.
In addition, all Cloudflare IPs are whitelisted on our server’s internal firewall.
The problem does not exist when bypassing Cloudflare’s cache.
We have also notice that Cloudflare’s WAF blocks IP addresses that are whitelisted within Cloudflare’s platform.
Cloudflare’s firewall even blocks the server’s internal IP when running cron jobs.
This is a nuisance that’s interrupting business.
My developer suggested and tested using another CDN but we have grown custom to Cloudflare’s security.

What is the best solution?

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522s are caused by your hosting provider/server failing to accept a TCP connection from Cloudflare - there’s no Firewall on Cloudflare’s side that would cause this.

So you do need to speak to your host to understand why Cloudflare’s IPs are being impeded:

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