Unable to access website from South Africa

Hi Guys,

Is anyone else having issues with CF today. all of a sudden I am unable to access my website from South Africa which is now affecting my business

Hi @sharma,

No issues reported, can you share the domain name and the error you are getting (if any)?

hellopaisa.co.za and I’m getting an error “521 Web server down” but this is not the case. my colleagues in India is not having any issues and if I hit my site directly it works fine too. this just started an hour ago

Thanks for the info, I am not seeing any issues with the site here.

A 521 error happens when Cloudflare is unable to make a TCP connection to your origin server. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for Quick Fix Ideas.

I would suggest, given that the issue appears to be location specific, that your host may be rate limiting or blocking some Cloudflare IPs which is what may be affecting you. Are you able to ask them to whitelist the Cloudflare IPs?

this is a local hosting provider which allows 443 from everywhere so ip blacklisting is not the case. however I will double check with them to make sure

thanks @domjh


I seem to be able to confirm that. This usually happens when certain addresses are blocked. As you already said, I’d also double check that with the host.

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thanks @sandro. busy checking with the provider now. will keep you guys posted on the outcome


Hey Guys,

found the problem. it is indeed IP blocking done by my own guys. they were using the module called “wordfence” for Wordpress which blocked some of the IP range due to high volume of traffic


Glad you found the issue :slight_smile:.

You should actually be able to retrieve the visitor IP from Cloudflare using Wordfence, IIRC. I believe @sdayman will probably know.

Oh yeah, Wordfence already knows about Cloudflare. It should automatically pick this up, but it’s in the General Wordfence Options near the top.

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they were trying out the Wordfence which actually caused more issues now. seems the IP is cached somewhere so sometimes it doesn’t work and sometime it does. atleast now this forced the guys to move to AWS so its a win for me anyways…

looks like things needs to break for them to do what you ask… should break more things deliberately. :grin:

thanks again guys. this community is Awesome :+1:


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