Unable to Access Website from My IP Address


My website cannot be accessed from my ip address (only my ip address, others can still access the website and if i use a vpn i can access it from my ip as well). the website files and hosting are fine, so something is wrong with the cloudflare settings. when i pause cloudflare on the site, i can access the site from my ip address.

i do not have any firewall or rules set up to be blocking specific ips.tried to purge the cache as well but did not help.

Any help on this would be appreciated thanks!

Accessing the site via IP address is irrelevant, your site needs to load fine on the domain on HTTPS when paused. Does it load fine?

I am not talking about accessing via IP address, I meant I cannot access it through the domain name from my computer when Cloudflare is running. When Cloudflare is paused, I am able to access it. (through HTTP as I only use Cloudflare SSL).

There is no Cloudflare SSL, you first need to have a valid certificate on your server. This will be the reason why it does not work.

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