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So I have a domain in Cloudflare. I added an A record that goes through Cloudflare proxy and then points to my public IP. I have a site port forwarded to my IP. When I go to the domain name, it says HTTP 524: Connection timed out. But, I can still access my site from my public IP. The security level in my domain is set to flexible and the domain still doesn’t work without the proxy. What should I do?

Please try this

I already did that. Also, I can still access the site through public ip.

If your website doesn’t work without the proxy then it’ll never work with the proxy - what error do you get when the record is set to DNS Only?

524 is a status code specific to Cloudflare - what webserver are you using?

HTTP 524: Connection timed out.

I tried apache2, php, nginx. The Cloudflare request doesn’t show up in the logs but if I visit the IP, it shows up

You’ll need the site to be working when the record is set to DNS Only for it to work.

Make sure it loads over HTTPS and that your SSL/TLS mode in the dashboard is set to Full (Strict)

That’s weird. Double check your IP address inside the Cloudflare panel if it matches your external IP.

@KianNH is correct. Try turning off the orange cloud for now and make sure that the site is working even if your site is DNS only. After that, turn on the cloud and it should be hitting your server through Cloudflare.

I also would suggest to check the SSL/TLS mode and the port. Cloudflare only support handful of ports for websites.

It is not advisable to diagnose through IP as cloud-flare works from the DNS level and up.

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