Unable to access webp - 406 error

i’m trying to use the Image Resizing tool to improve preformence.
while using the URL to .png all works well, but with .webp I’m getting an error:
“ERROR 9408: Could not fetch the image — the server returned HTTP error 406 Not Acceptable”
https://www.DOMAIN.com/cdn-cgi/image/width=80/images/image.webp (error 406)
same with the png version of the image works
we do have 2 versions of the image on our server - both png and wepb
*i might suspect that our webp images aren’t cached at all, as Cloudflare can’t fetch them

Thank you!

406 Not Acceptable ( RFC7231 )

Resource is not available at the origin that adheres to negotiation headers that were set prior (e.g. via Accept-Charset and Accept-Language headers)

This status code can be replaced by simply serving the less preferred method to the User-Agent in lieu of generating this error.

thank you for your answer - can you please elaborate on how to set the User-Agent for webP images

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