Unable to access the admin page on my wordpress site

I am unable to access my wordpress admin page - my host says it is something related to how Cloudflare is pointing to my host

Do you have a cache everything rule for your WordPress? If not, change the DNS record from :orange: to :grey: then wait 5 minutes and try again.

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Hi thanks for your response - I’m not sure if I have a cache everything rule for my wordpress. But how should I change my DNS record?

Under the DNS page, there will be an entry for your WordPress site. It will likely be :orange: and you can click edit then change proxied to off.


Thanks for your advice - I’ve switched off the proxies but I am still locked out of my wordpress admin

If you have switched off the proxies and are still having the issue, then it is not a Cloudflare issue. You should contact your hosting provider.

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