Unable to access subdomain - too many redirects

hi all,

I’ve recently added the content from two of my other websites (with its own domain) into another website, as two subdomains. however, I am not able to access the subdomains or the wp-admin and the error indicates that there are too many redirects.

this is what SiteGround has to say:

I believe that I was able to help you with the desired results as I am seeing no issues when I am checking the website directly from the server using my local hosts file.

Please clear your Cloudflare’s cache for thebespokefactory.com, its subdomains and verify the results on your end as well.

There are no issues accessing the wp-admin login page on both websites.

If there are some issues, please note that we work with the provided files/databases and we are not sure that they are fully complete.

The best way for us to proceed would be to manually transfer the websites on our end and to do so, please submit a new Transfer Website ticket but please note that this is a paid service and a separate ticket should be posted for each website.

I cleared my cache for thebespokefactory.com but am unsure if there is a specific way to clear the cache for the subdomains. it still does not work. appreciate any assistance. thanks!

the two subdomains are:


What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Hi Sandro, could you let me know how I can check this on CloudFlare?

Can you post a screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls?

Change that to Full Strict. That should fix the issue and also make your site now actually properly secure.

sandro, that was amazing. I can access seuustudio but not thefoxknows… any ideas?

Seems to work for me too


my gosh, Sandro, idk how I can thank you for this. I struggled with this for the past two days and had so much back and forth with SiteGround… you are a lifesaver!

can I buy you a coffee? do you have PayPal?

My pleasure :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, but no worries. If you want to donate an amount of your choice to a local (or also national) animal welfare organisation, I’d be perfectly happy.

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