Unable to access site with cloudflare reCaptcha

I am trying to access a site - www.canva.com on my home wifi and i keep getting the reCaptcha and after which the website is all grayed out.

The CA seems to be issued to the website by Cloudflare.

Any idea how i can resolve this. Affecting only this site.

A guess: Any chance you’re somehow selectively blocking third party cookies or JavaScript (i.e. with NoScript)

If not, you can always try removing all cookies for this domain (the fact that the site is behind Cloudflare doesn’t necessarily mean the issue is with Cloudflare, it could be an application bug).

HI. Cookies is enabled and javascript is also enabled. I have tried different browser and devices and same issue.
Cleared cache and nothing.

I keep getting the reCaptcha security and then i logs me into the website but screen all grayed out

Sorry, out of further ideas :frowning: never happened to me…

Could you possibly make a screen recording of that behaviour?