Unable to access self hosted server with https

Hello! I’m very new to Cloudflare and my cyber security knowledge is limited.

I’m self hosting a web server on a raspberry pi on port 8080
I recently registered a domain on Cloudflare and added DNS record for my IP
Accessing the website using HTTP is working fine. However when I try with https I can’t access it.

My SSL mode is set to “flexible”.

Port 8080 on Cloudflare supports HTTP only…

You can use the (sub)domain without a port and origin rules to tell Cloudflare the port that your server is to be connected on…

You should use only “Full (strict)” to ensure connections from Cloudflare to your server are secured. Make sure your Pi has a trusted SSL certificate installed, and redirect from HTTP to HTTPS on Cloudflare if using a custom port so it can be HTTPS only.


Configuring an origin rule did the job, thank you

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