Unable to access R2 hosted website

Hi - I have an R2 bucket set up to be public, and to have a domain name connected to it.

However, when I try to access https://cname.domain.com, I get the:

Error 404
This object could not be viewed
You are not authorized to view this object

error. However, if I try to access https://cname.domain.com/index.html, I get the index.html contents, but it is not shown by the browser, although if I use “view source” I see the source for the HTML. Same for CSS and JavaScript files.

I have set the appropriate Content-Type on each file.

Any help very much appreciated!

R2 doesn’t auto add .html to your files, you need to do that with a worker.

Okay… well, the file has the .html extension already. Does it still need a worker to ‘fix’ that?