Unable to access our site from Sweden


We’ve had 4 users so far reporting not being able to access our site despite trying different browsers / ISPs and they are strangely all from Sweden.

We’ve had other traffic from the Amsterdam/Copenhagen nodes to our origin without an elevated error rate but these users are consistently getting 504 (timeout from the origin server) errors.

2 of them sent us screenshots with the following ray IDs:

  • 6f48c2674d7510ef (2022-03-31 11:32:34 UTC)
  • 6f69493f7a69c837 (2022-04-04 10:17:01 UTC)

I tried looking them up in our security log without much luck. Nothing in Error Diagnostic either. Nothing in our server access / error logs. We also tried from a VPN in Sweden and could not reproduce the issue.

Any help debugging this would me much appreciated. We saw some other users had raised a similar issue in the past.

Many thanks

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