Unable to access online backup service from any pc on the network


One of the pcs on our network was recently compromised which lead to our public internet ip being blocklisted by a number of providers.

The pc has since been wiped and all pcs on the network have been security checked and clear.

Since then, we have been unable to login to our online backup service. The login credentials are refused from any pc on the network. I can login using the same credentials from any external pc. In addition, when I access the online backup service from the affected ip, I get the Cloudflare scanning logo from the affected network, but not from external networks.

Both the ISP and online backup company are adamant that they are not responsible for the blocklisting and I am at a bit of a loss as to where to go.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I wonder, have you’ve used Cloudflare Zero Trust / Access to login, or not? :thinking:
Cloudflare doesn’t blocklist domains or IPs so far, only possible categorization via Cloudflare Radar, where from for customers using Cloudflare DNS Resolver would affect and possibly not being loaded at all (if listed in some particular category which might be filtered).

Rather, that might be a security check or challenge if the devices has got a static IP.

Could you share a screenshot of this “scanning logo”? :thinking:

This is the Cloudflare website check:

We do have a static internet ip but aren’t knowingly using any Cloudflare services.

After the Cloudflare check, the Livedrive webpage loads up as normal but my username and password are rejected. If I copy/paste the same username/password from another network, I can login with no issues.

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