Unable to Access NextCloud via Cloudflare Tunnel

Hey Everyone,

I just learned about Cloudflare tunnels and was super excited to enable internet access to my NextCloud server I have hosted on a home based server. I set up everything according to the instructions (and followed a few youtube blogs) but when I try to access the public hostname I keep getting my subdomain ’s server IP address could not be found.

Added a couple of screenshots below. But happy to provide any other information needed.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this, please?

Do you see a DNS created here for cloud.<your domain>? If so then can you share a screenshot of the error page you are seeing.

Hey, im in the same boat. my dns name works as i have other names pointing and working. Ombi for example works.
So it definitely down to nextcloud

@networkingtech I was able to actually figure our what was going on. I had pi-hole installed and that was also trying to use Port 80. Once I moved Pihole to a different port, Nextcloud started working. Hope that helps you!

@Cyb3r-Jak3 was able to figure out the issue. Thanks for looking into this.

Nice ! Glad u got it working. Unfortunately I still dont have a resolution. I have disabled my add gaurd which was running on my home assistant and checked my udm pro logs for anything. I had to add reverse proxies into HA for that to work which ive done. But nextcloud is the biggest pain.

I can access nextcloud internally no problem.

@aashish u was right. Something else was conflicting with it. Possibly my unraid page itself. Anyway i changed the port for the nextcloud container, reflected the details in the CF tunnel and that worked a treat.

Although this issue may seem resolved, I wanted to share my solution as it was the first result I found on Google after some research.

The issue arises because Nextclout defaults to HTTPS. To address this, change the Type to HTTPS and in the Additional application settings, enable ‘No TLS Verify’.

This should resolve the problem.

Disabling SSL validation never is a good idea. Also, it should not be related to the issue of the OP

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