Unable to Access my Website

Our website is currently offline. Getting an error message:
This page isn’t working

redirected you too many times. redirected you too many times.

Contacted bluehost they said that I need to contact them to re-push the DNS and point A record to our server. unsure how this can be done?

Assistance will be appreciated.

website is www.lc-sawh-enterprises.com

Click the error and follow the quick fix ideas, I suspect you have a redirect at the host, quick fix idea 1.

There are #tutorial on how to edit and add dns records, start with this one, Editing DNS Records and let us know how it works out.

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Good day, i checked the IP address that Bluehost needs me to point it to is correct and both A records are pointing to the correct Bluehost IP address that is "www" and "lc-sawh-enterprises.com".

Thank you & sorry for the trouble you’re facing. The nameservers for the domain were pointing to Cloudflare, for a while anyway, but have reverted to bluehost nameservers, https://securitytrails.com/domain/lc-sawh-enterprises.com/history/ns. I’d contact your domain registrar to see if the icann holds (godaddy can remove those if you ask) are prevent the change and/or have them update the ns to only the two from Cloudflare.

At the moment, the A record pointing to your origin ip is :grey: as is another A record called www, I’d remove that www A record and create a CNAME record called www with a value of lc-sawh-enterprises.com.

Once the nameservers point to Cloudflare, DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool, click the :grey: and set to :orange:. Click → DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN for other quick fix ideas.

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