Unable to access my website in my country [sometimes]


I have been using clouldflare up to a year. Sometimes, more recently the website is been down for hours, (once in two days for the past weeks), I checked , Down for Everyone or Just Me, and it says is up. Also tried different connection within my country (Portugal) and the same happens «Unable to access this site».

If I try VPN connection of another country it works.

The others websites in the hosting account that are not using clouldflare are up and running in my connection, I do not know what the problem is.

More recently clients contact us that are having difficulties to access our website too [same country].

Its a eCommerce store so we cant be down for that long.

Can someone help me ?

Its cloudflare problem, after disabling cloudflare the problem went way. Its no fix .

That sounds like a DNS issue. Can you post a screenshot of the message?

I made no change to the cloudflare configuration, this is a «new problem».
It is the default browser message ;

That particular connection isn’t going through Cloudflare. A site through Cloudflare will get a big Cloudflare error screen with a 524 or 522 message.

Maybe try using a different DNS Resolver on your device, such as or

I already tried that, also using the phone data connection the same error happens, (iPhone and android mobile data)

Currently i’m using and as DNS servers.

You’ve certainly been thorough. DNSChecker shows the same Cloudflare IP addresses all over the world.

I just can’t get it to fail from anywhere, so there’s some sort of local issue.


The meerkats have no reason to complain either.


I did ask the kats.

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I can’t seem to find the problem . Oh god !

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