Unable to access my website from Home Network


I am unable to access my website from my home network. I get NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID and i see Cloudflare origin certificate not the edge certificate.

No issues, when I access it from my office network or mobile networks.

I can provide more info


How are you accessing your network when at home are you going to an internal IP/ domain. Cloudflare’s origin certificates are only good for communication between your origin and Cloudflare.

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My website is hosted on a VM in Digital Ocean.

I am accessing the site by domain name not ip address

What is your domain? I would run nslookup <your domain> to see what the DNS record is showing. Maybe something is cached there.

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Hi Cyb3r-Jak3,

I have fixed. I had this website hosted in a server in my home network. I had a standalone zone in my secondary DNS server. Deleted from my primary DNS
Thanks for you earlier reply, which caused me to look into that direction


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