Unable to access my Servers or my VPN getting DNS resolver issues

I moved my domains to Cloudflare from google domains and since then I haven’t been able to access my servers, I have my IP proxied by Cloudflare if I remove the Proxy I can access my game servers but I am unable to access anything else

Are you able to share an affected domain name?


  • Was the domain making use of DNSSEC before the transfer?
  • Are the affected services HTTP/HTTPS (i.e. a website) or TCP/UDP game/application servers? If they are not HTTP/HTTPS, they will need to be unproxied for them to work.

G’day Erisa,

I don’t believe the domain was using DNSSEC before the transfer unless google domains automatically does this?

The domain in question is savvysplicingservices. com

Ok so yes I have game servers setup running on my box so i tell people to use the domain instead of the IP to access the servers so they won’t work when its proxied good to know as savvysplicingservices. com is the domain i give them and the port to access the servers over TCP/UDP.

Still haven’t been able to set up my webpages yet to be active with HTTP or HTTPS so these are not a super issue right now but my VPN is throwing me errors saying it cannot fine the address, but when i had them open on port 80 and 443 if i had the address proxied I was not able to access the test webpage I had set up.

Currently my HTTP service is down so its not accessible, as I am not able to VPN into my network now either to try and get it up and running while I have it proxied.

My VPN is openVPN and the error I am receiving whilst trying to connect is this
Thu Jun 29 19:24:45 2023 RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: (No such host is known. )
Thu Jun 29 19:24:45 2023 RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: (No such host is known. )
Thu Jun 29 19:24:45 2023 Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol
Thu Jun 29 19:24:45 2023 SIGUSR1[soft,Could not determine IPv4/IPv6 protocol] received, process restarting

I removed the host address for security reasons but left the rest of the info there any ideas as to why this is happening?

Thanks for your help

Do you have DNS entries for these hosts in Cloudflare?

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Yeah mate


All of those records currently resolve to :orange: records, so even if they do resolve you’re not going to be able to connect via OpenVPN. Network ports · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

If you use dig to look up the hostname in question from the machine generating this error does it resolve?

the machine running openVPN client is windows 11 and the server is on the router. Currently i am not in my local network but i have only had this issue since switching to cloudflare so I’m going to assume that I have possibly enabled settings on clouflare that re blocking this connection.

I have changed all a records to DNS only now i will wait for 20 and then see if I can connect to my network DNSSEC is still enabled as well on Cloudflare

i have disabled DNSSEC will see if that fixes the issue

still receiving the same error not sure whats going on here

I have fixed the VPN issue, was an issue with the cert client side edited the config and we are good to go :slight_smile: :+1:

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