Unable to access my Home server usign Cloudflare tunnel

First of all a background to my setup

I have a mobile broadband router with a Vodafone sim card in it and it uses CGNAT which is blocking port forwarding, so I’m unable to access my home server from outside my internal network.

I have a machine with Ubuntu 22.0.4 LTS installed on it and I host a Nextcloud server on it.

I can access my server if I use https// without any issues but I am trying to configure it to use my domain aide199.co.uk

Due to Vodafone using CGNAT I am unable to forward the ports 80 & 443 to, so I was looking on the net to see how I could get around CGNAT and one option was Cloudflare.

So I’ve gone through a tutorial on how to setup a tunnel but what ever I try I can’t seem to get it to work.

My domain aide199.co.uk is through GoDaddy and I have changed the nameservers to Cloudflare as I was instructed to do so.

I have then setup the following tunnel

But when I try to access https://aide199.co.uk I just get a blank page

What am I ding wrong? Can someone please help me.

Thanks in advance