Unable to access my email i am use godaddy hosting after use cloudflare

i am create new email [email protected] via cpanel and forward to my main gmail account
open gmail account and add another email account (link to gmail account) google send a a verify email to [email protected] but not receive any mail because i am use Cloudflare after this go to Cloudflare DNS and add MX but show this
An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.
and not fix this problem please help me

That warning is just saying that attackers can discover what your origin server is my looking at your MX records. Cloudflare is supposed to be some kind of security tool to protect from DDOS and other stuff. If hackers can find your origin server then they can bypass Cloudflare and go after your origin server. If your mail server is the same as your origin web server then I guess you just have to live with that warning. If you want you can probably set Cloudflare up to proxy email traffic too using Cloudflare Spectrum but for now you can probably just ignore that warning.

but now not received any mail after add MX

I don’t really know how to debug email issues…
I see the domain you point the MX record to. I see that it is not proxied by Cloudflare :orange:, that is good.
Maybe all the email is going to the spam folder in gmail?
Actually… I thought I saw an MX record on your domain before but I don’t now… I guess you are changing it trying to get it to work?

yes i changed but add or delete MX both same result not work please help i am provide teameviewer id you check what is problem

Can you go to the email inbox in Cpanel/your webmail to see if mail is arriving there?

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