Unable to access my domain

I am trying to set up my app in production with Clerk. I added all the domain CNAMEs as DNS-Only and deployed the certificates. I am not able to access my custom domain. It is giving me error 1000.
Please help me resolve this.

dig +short accounts.webfork.in

The website you are trying to add is already using Cloudflare, so you cannot simply add a CNAME record to it.
Have you followed Clerk’s instructions for adding a custom domain? If so, you should contact their support. They need to provide you with a Cloudflare for SaaS · Cloudflare for Platforms docs hostname for your CNAME record.

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Do your CNAME records have Proxy mode enabled?
Check the docs [here](https://clerk.com/docs/deployments/overview#dns-records), they have a troubleshooting section

Yeah, that appears to be it. I have already contacted Clerk support. Thanks for the help.

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