Unable to access my domain with Plesk, IONOS, and Cloudflare

Server operating system version
Ubuntu 22.04

Plesk version and microupdate number
Plesk Obsidian web host edition 18.0.58 Update #1

I have Plesk installed on IONOS and my DNS is managed through Cloudflare with my domain on Godaddy. Cloudflare nameservers are connected to Godaddy and confirmed to be working via mxtoolbox .com. However, whenever I got to my domain and subdomains i get the error
across all browsers. I disabled DNS within Plesk and i’m not sure what I need to do to get this working.

any ideas on how to get it working?

I’ve also asked in the Plesk forum awaiting for responses there as well…

What is the domain name?

Meeovicms .com

The hosts meeovicms.com and www.meeovicms.com are resolving.

You have a few issues though…

  1. meeovicms.com is proxied and is giving too many redirects - set your SSL/TLS setting to “Full (strict)” here…

  2. www.meeovicms.com isn’t proxied and the origin server doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate, just a self-signed one. Either get a certificate from Letsencrypt or another CA, or, if you plan to use the proxy, use a Cloudflare origin certificate.
    Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

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Ok i fixed those issues and still unable to access my sites.

You still have a problem with the SSL certificate on your origin server (item 2 above). Cloudflare is saying it is invalid (error 526). Make sure it is not self signed and the date is valid.

I’ve added a Lets Encrypt certificate per Plesk and it shows that it was applied

So it appears my computer is to blame as i’m able to access the sites from other computers.

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