Unable to access my domain name, ellenmcshane.com, to add cname records on a Pro account

I have searched for an answer but cannot find how to access my domain when ICANN lists the nameservers as cloudflare and GoDaddy also lists the nameservers as cloudflare. I have a Pro account.


I keep getting an error message that I can’t put in my domain. It is a .com domain ellenmcshane

Yes, that domain is configured for a Cloudflare account where the nameservers major and dora were assigned. You need to use that account. If you don’t know how to access the account, you can use https://dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-email, but if you don’t get an email, you’ll have to add the domain anew to your current account.

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I did not receive an email by clicking on the link above. However, in my efforts to figure out what to do, I added my domain to my current account but it did not allow me to activate it without buying another Pro account for that domain. I just received an email that I have deleted my domain name from Cloudflare, which I did not do on purpose. I am wondering what to do now. Do I add my domain name back into the site or have I completely deleted all the nameserver accounts, too?

So you did have a paid plan? If you add it to another account it will be automatically on the Free plan and you would need to purchase the paid plan anew.

If you have billing questions however, the community cannot help and you need to discuss this with support. Open a billing ticket at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

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Yes, I have a paid Pro plan, but it does not seem to recognize that I have that plan when I add the new site. Can I have more than one domain on my current paid plan?

No, as mentioned it doesn’t. And no, plans are per domain.

You really best get access to the other account. Otherwise you can only clarify this via mentioned ticket.

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Thank you, I now understand I need to get another plan to manage this domain. You have been very helpful.

No worries, but you do not necessarily need to get another plan. If you get access to the original account, you should be fine. Otherwise it is difficult.

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How do I get access to the original account?

By logging in with the email address and password.

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So it appears I have two accounts based on the fact that cloudflare has nameservers set up for my domain.

Can you post a screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/ellenmcshane.com?

It takes me to an error page. It looks like I have the same email address with both accounts.

That means the domain is not set up with that account. As mentioned you need to get access to the other account.

Unfortunately, no one here can help you with that. You best contact the person who originally set that up. If nothing else works, you can contact support as mentioned earlier. The community cannot help I am afraid.

Thanks again for all of your help. You have made sense to what I am facing.

Pleasure :slight_smile:

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