Unable to access my domain after pointing nameservers to cloudflare

I have a domain that is registered with freenom and i have been having a lot of issues in the DNS configuration so i decided to change my domain nameservers to cloudflare nameservers and its been more 48 hours and my domain can no longer load when i enter it in the browser.

Please,i need help to move the DNS management from freenom completely to cloudflare .

What is your domain? Freenom has a bad track record with TLDs and have lost control of some.

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my domain is darylmischbirds.com

Can i transfer my domain away from freenom?
I noticed that freenom has a very bad track record and very poor services.
I opened a ticked for this issue and its been more than 3 days no response to my ticket.

Your DNS is at Cloudflare. Your apex name is resolving to Freenom IPs. Unless you host your site with Freenom, you should update your DNS in Cloudflare to the IPs assigned by your hosting provider.

Your www hostname is returning a an RFC 1918 private LAN IP. If you expect to access that site from anywhere other than your own private local network, you need to update it in your Cloudflare DNS to use the correct IP.

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apparently freenom has lost control of major domains.
Now i transferred my domain to cloudflare and cloudflare is telling me conditions not met

Please can you help me fix this?
This having difficulties.
I recently transferred my domain from freenom to cloudflare but yet cloudflare says conditions not met.

Your whois shows:

Domain Status: pendingTransfer https://icann.org/epp#pendingTransfer

That suggests that the transfer is in progress. It typically is a five day process. If your domain has shown pendingTransfer for more than five days, you will want to open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare dashboard. If less than five days have elapsed since your domain entered pendingTransfer status, I recommend waiting for the full five days to complete before submitting a Cloudflare registrar ticket.

You should still be able to update DNS records in your Cloudflare dashboard while the transfer is underway.

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