Unable to access local network servers with tunnel

Proxy is on in the dashboard settings.
Cgn trace shows the gateway and warp is on, on my device.

Yesterday I tried accessing the tunnel with the app and I noticed I couldn’t access portainer on port 9000, the same device the tunnel is running on. However I could access all containers that the device is running (weird) and the container for Cloudflare tunnel was obviously running as I was connected to the tunnel to see the other containers in the browser.

Today I tried connecting using the app and now none of the containers that were accessible yesterday are loading.

Yesterday with the portainer issue I got this error and today I get this error for all containers.

I tried again just now and suddenly it worked for a few minutes until I got the error again.

Does anyone know what’s happening?

Here’s the https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace

Suddenly working again… it appears to be hit or miss I never had this issue before. I will note I was on 10.0 and I just updated to latest 10.2

Anyone have any ideas?

My family has been utilizing CF Tunnel via Warp Client for years without issue. It connects our mobile devices to our internal home network IP range.

Today randomly, we cannot access our home network and I can see that our Warp clients are all using IPV6 Public IP addresses now. I did not make any changes, but the IPV6 clients cannot route to our home network.

How do I force the clients back to IPV4 public addresses?

FYI, I have reinstalled clients. It did not fix the issue.

I resolved my issue… IOS routing table was botched up somehow.

Steps to fix:
Uninstall Warp client
Reset IOS Networking (phone rebooted)
Installed Warp client
Re-authenticated with ZT WSG

Wonder if I should try that