Unable to Access https ( SSL) site took too long

Hey Sir/Mam,

I have set up Cloudflare SSL for my website, it’s a Universal SSL. The problem I am facing is that the website does not open when loaded with https whereas if I load it with http, it loads instantly.

I have seen many of the guides on this community as well as YouTube. But none of theme helped be or I have skipped some of them. Kindly help me to resolve the problem.

Error : This site took too long to respond.


SOULTION: Enabling the DNS Proxies as suggested by @sdayman & Setting the SSL type as Flexible helped me a lot to solve out my Problem.

Can you share the domain name?

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It’s myipl.fun

That domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but is not currently set to :orange: in DNS for proxying and Cloudflare SSL. Your server needs its own SSL certificate installed as well for full encryption.

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So what steps I can do to make my site work using cloudflare SSL?

Edit: enabling the proxies in my cloudflare dns caused error 522, due to what I had not proxied them

That 522 sounds like the same problem in your original post. Server is timing out. It needs to be configured to work properly with SSL before you can proxy it through Cloudflare.

Sir, can u suggest the proper steps

You’d have to check with the host. Right now, they’re not supporting SSL for your domain.

Sir, I m using Google Cloud Platform Hosting & Deployed Wordpress in the instance.

It was working fully fine from last 4-5months & started creating problem when my ssl got expires 7 days ago. I was unable to renew the SSL. Now, after a lot struggle with let’s encrypt SSL, I thought that it would be better to use Cloudflare SSL. They don’t even provide support to users using their free trail.

There’s the problem. You’ve lost SSL on your server. Cloudflare can’t put SSL on your server.

They sure do!
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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