Unable to access Google POP or IMAP accounts using Warp

I’ve just tried Cloudflare Warp and found that Google blocks access to my gmail accounts when using Thunderbird, presumably based on geolocation.

Is there a way to exclude specific programs from Warp?

Maybe, beacuse it does not proxy e-mail traffic, rather only Web traffic over DNS/TLS?

What version are you using?

Is it on mobile or on desktop?

It was the desktop app fritexvz, I whitelisted googles pop and imap servers but still had the same issue, it would probably need a lot of googles IP’s to be whitelisted.

Thanks for the link, I guess I’ll try Warp again when they make some changes to it.

May I ask where did you do it?

Maybe the AS number of Google? (not sure if that is possible)

It was under Preferences / Advanced / Exclude IP Addresses.

Google LLC is listed as having 14,549,760 IP addresses, excluding a program rather than an IP would be far easier.

Yes, that is really too much :smiley:
Ture, it would be easier that way.

How about writing a ticket to Cloudflare Support?
Maybe you could also share some more information with them on a ticket like DNS logs or some other stuff if available from Cloudflare WARP so they could investiagte and hopefully make it possile, if so?

Thanks, there was an option in Warp for that so I’ve sent it in :slight_smile:

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