Unable to access domain management

Strange bug: Unable to access domain management for one of the domains in my account.

Is this still not working? Have you tried a different browser or device?

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+1 to suggestions from @sdayman, you may also want to verify the email address to see if that lets you administer the domains. Post back and let us know how it’s going.

Yes, I have tried both a different device and and a browser. The result is the same - the domain management screen will not populate. I am able to manage the domains under the same account without issue.

Yes, the email address I am using allows me to administer the domain. As I wrote in my reply to sdayman, I have no trouble accessing the domain management dashboard for the other domains under my CF account.

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Can you try incognito mode ah, never mind, now I can replicate it. Sorry for the troubles, I will escalate this post for my colleagues to assist.


Hi @gregorians,

Any chance you can capture a HAR file demonstrating the issue?

I see you have submitted a support ticket previously. Can you try sending the HAR file there so that we can investigate further regarding this issue?

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This was due to a defect, sorry for the issue and thank you for reporting, @gregorians