Unable to access certain websites using Cloudflare Teams

Hi I am using Cloudflare for Teams (Gateway and Access) and using DNS over HTTPS and this has been working fine until now. I’m having issues now with my Android to log in to my NordVPN because of the private DNS address - it’s denying access to the site. Also, on my Macbook, I tried accessing a website: [www.fibertelecom.com] from two different browsers: Chrome and Opera and I get this error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. If I change the DNS over HTTPS settings on the browser, the problem is resolved so in both cases the problem appears to be with Cloudflare’s private DNS address. would greatly appreciate any tips/recommendations.



BTW this happens intermittently. I just tried accessing the site and now it works. Maybe Cloudflare fixed the issue?