Unable to access anything linked to CF Teams - Error - Current authentication token is expired

Hi, we’ve been unable to access our cloudflareaccess.com domain for over 2 days due to this issue. There is another ticket raised by someone else which is not getting much attention so I’m lodging a new one.

When trying to login to our cloudflareaccess.com domain, regardless of which authentication we choose (Google, Azure, OTP), once authenticated we are presented with error: “Current authentication token is expired”. As such, we are unable to access any of our tunnels for anything else on Teams.

When did it start:
We were trying out WARP for the first time, and authenticating was sending us in a loop. A suggestion on the community forum was to change the domain name, so we did. Then everything broke.

What we’ve done to try and resolve it:

  • Recreated tunnels, oauth integration etc. Tunnels connect, oauth tests all pass with green ticks. Cloudflare logs intidate successful auth.
  • Changed domain back to original, no change
  • Configured OTP. Get password to email, no change.

The only way now to access our resources is to put in a bypass rule within each policy, which is not ideal and needs to be resolved.

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