Unable to access and edit Page Rules

When i try to open the “page rules” page i get a notification bar at bottom of page which says “Internal Server Error (Code: 1000)”. And beside page rules it says “An error has occurred, but don’t worry, we’re on it!” . Also, the “edge certificate” section in SSL/TLS app has same issue.
I’m facing this error from around past 15 days thinking it is Cloudflare issue and it would resolve automatically.

Yes it seems a CF issue. @cloonan

Thanks for clarifying. Is there any other way like API or wordpress plugin to update page rules. I tried official wordpress plugin but it doesn’t have pagerules section. I need to update one page rule as it is conflicting with my website. The only thing which worked for me is change status to DNS only in DNS tab

You can do that via API.

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