Unable and get cloudflare image resize to work

hi there
i started using CF PRO for some of my clients- and want to get the IMAGE RESIZER to work.
i’ve anabled it thro the speed page in the payed domain.
but how to continue from here to actually rezising and serving webP.
i use wordpress and using the original CF plugin + Image Optimization is on in the plugin.

the CF accoun] doesn’t show any proccess and the speed tests is (still) failing image sizes and formats

what needs to be done for all my images to be resized and served correctly?
the settings is not specifying any thig to do more then activate it and POLISH + MIRAGE but without any success …

i cannot open support ticket= Even though it is supported thro PRO plan = AT LEAST IT SUPPOSE TO but all my tries are redirected to open it here…
thanks in advance to any help regarding my issue

very very frustrating support for a payed user. .

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