Ultius leverages Cloudflare to protect and secure their freelance writing marketplace

Ultius is an online platform that connects consumers with talented freelance writers for writing, editing, and business document preparation services. “I measure the success of the business based on how well we are executing the vision of the company,” Boban Dedovic, CEO of Ultius, noted, “which is to be the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. I want the company to offer its services to as many people in as many locales as possible.”

“We initially came to Cloudflare because we suffered from DDoS threats and wanted global, stable infrastructure that would be rock-solid as we scaled to new regions,” Dedovic explained. DDoS attacks aimed at Ultius could make their site slow, unresponsive, or entirely unavailable for their users, resulting in a poor user experience, loss of brand credibility, and ultimately lost revenue. Read more.

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