Ultimaker 3 and Argo Tunnel

Hey folks,

do you think it would be possible / a good idea to use argo tunnel on my Ultimaker 3 3D printer to hook it up to the internet and be able to access webcam, etc from anywhere?
If so, has anyone brought this to work?




If your Ultimaker has a web interface, this should be doable. You’ll want to make sure you have authentication setup, because you’ll be exposing the interface to the world.

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If you want to have some fun, you could also look at Cloudflare Access to help control/limit access. But it isn’t free (nor is Cloudflare Tunnel though).


We (Cloudflare) use Access + Tunnel together in front of our staging environment. I’m biased, but highly suggest.


It has a web interface and one can enable dev mode, which starts ssh on the printer but also disables authentication - Sure, I would need some basic auth or so in front.
I might start Argo Tunnel on a Raspberry (if available) and forward traffic to the Ultimaker UI so I don´t have to mess with the Ultimaker internals and changes don´t get lost during firmware update or similar.

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I do almost the same, though I have some remarks on the logout bar. Access is wonderful, especially since you don’t need to pay a dime if you are the only one using it.

What is your feedback on the logout bar?

cc @venkat

Well, I sent a report when I uninstalled it. But basically (if you need screenshots I can provide them):

  • the bar has undefined styling, in part takes the page’s and in part not (I had to add the Add CSS App just to fix this)
  • it covers a big part of the page, especially on mobile (30%)
  • you can’t personalize it at all (if I could change the service’s HTML I would add the button the underlying service instead of dealing with the bar)
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Thanks for the feedback. If you have the screenshots please send them over to [email protected]. You can also configure logout within your application without having to use the logout app.
Here’s the documentation: https://developers.cloudflare.com/access/setting-up-access/clearing-user-sessions/


Will do tomorrow as it’s late here! I figured you could do it, but as I said previously I can’t actually control the HTML/CSS of the page.

Sent you an email!