and Cloudflare via NS records

I know. It’s because I haven’t added any A record.
And my question exactly about it: why can’t I add NS records and no A records?
At my domain provider I haven’t specified A records only NS to make my website available. Why at Cloudflare it differs!

What you need to do in order to get your site working on Cloudflare is to point your domain to the nameservers Cloudflare will eventually give you. If you dont do that, you wont be able to use Cloudflare.

I’ve already did it :grinning:

I am afraid nothing has changed from when I answered earlier.

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare and it is not set up.

But I see that status of my domain is Active in Cloudflare interface :roll_eyes:

Well, Cloudflare does not know anything about your domain. But if you insist, please post a full page screenshot of the Cloudflare DNS page for that domain :wink:

And even if it were set up, the nameservers are not pointed to Cloudflare, so - even if - it couldnt work.

Again, your domain is not configured at all for Cloudflare.

Hang on a second, your domain is not, right?

It would have been a good idea if you had made that clear from the beginning. So what is your domain then?

My domain is not, yes. is website LEGO-styled constructor where my website hosts.
Before I didn’t used Cloudflare the only thing I had to do to bind my website to my domain was to specify’s NS servers in my domain’s DNS settings of my registrar.
I’ve done it and my website was available at my domain.
After that I decided to use Cloudflare.
And I’ve realized that I can’t do this. Because when specify Cloudflare’s NS servers in DNS settings of my my domain, my website becomes no longer binded to my domain.

Well, that domain is properly set up. At least in terms of nameservers. You did not specify any DNS records, hence it cant resolve

Actually, the two warnings you censored in your screenshot do point out that very issue.

OK. So my original question one more time:
why I should specify A-type record? Before I started to use Cloudflare I shouldn’t do it.
Why I can’t just specify NS record?
Before I used Cloudflare I’ve only added three NS-servers:,,
A-type records are based on IP but IP of my website is controlled by my hoster and hoster can change it any moment so this method is not reliable.

Please read about DNS and how it works.

In the case of your previous nameservers, your host provided the necessary records.

I’ve read.
And unfortunately I still don’t understand why NS records that I’ve specified in Cloudflare DNS settings don’t work without A-records.

You cant specify NS records with Cloudflare, you have to create all the A records you eventually want to resolve. If you dont do that it wont work.

What does it mean? In DNS menu when I can add NS record.

This is for something completely different.

For the nth time, what you need to do is specify all the hostnames you want to resolve as A record with the correct IP addresses.

[quote=“sandro, post:22, topic:90021”]
This is for something completely different.[/quote]
For what?

Thanks. But for the second time:
IP address is controlled by my hoster and hoster can change it in any moment so this method is not reliable.

Then you cant use Cloudflare. You could also look into CNAMEs and whether your host might allow you to point to one of their hostnames instead.

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