UK traffic not blocked by Facebook rule

~I have the following rule to block traffic originating from Facebook:

(ip.geoip.asnum in {32934 63293})
Choose an action

It blocks Facebook traffic from United States, Denmark and Ireland, but not the United Kingdom. And so I am still getting traffic apparently originating from Facebook accessing my site.

For example, just now:
Spent a total of 12s on the website, and viewed 2 pages in 1 visits.
First visit
Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 0 days ago
from Facebook
1 visits from Smartphone devices: Apple iPhone 11 (1x)
1 visit from London, United Kingdom

Does this mean it is spoofing the fact that it is coming from Facebook or is my rule wrong?

It’s quite possible it means someone followed a link from Facebook. Does that datapoint include an IP address of the visitor?

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Yes, the visitors have unique IPs, but the pattern of traffic is what doesn’t seem right. Even with a link on a Facebook page, I wouldn’t expect irregular bursts of traffic like this from it.

I did try challenging UK traffic with both JS and capcha, but still they came. I’m not sure how. No spam messages were sent via forms, so don’t know why the traffic comes.

Why doesn’t my blocking rule stop it? Is it because it isn’t traffic really coming from Facebook?

^^ This. Those probably aren’t Facebook IP addresses.

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