UK sales tax (VAT)

Following from this thread where a Cloudflare team member stated that tax is not paid for UK or EU customers.

I have just had a registration refunded from Google domains as they did not charge relevant tax to me as an individual and it was not clear at the start.

I’m wondering if that is the case here.

As a UK individual we have no mechanism to pay VAT except through the purchase. It is the responsibility of the company selling goods and services to UK and EU residents to charge/collect the tax at point of sale for individual and non VAT registered companies.

With this in mind can somebody clarify whether Cloudflare is charging taxes on domain registration for UK residents? Otherwise this is not suitable for small businesses (who are not VAT registered) or private individuals.

Hi Phil,

We have reached out to you via email by opening a Support ticket.

Our team is currently looking at this case internally.


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