UK Government leverage Cloudflare to modernize communications

The UK Government needed a digital platform where users could engage digitally. They partnered with CDS, an agency that enables strategic change in organizations and businesses to create and build better services to meet the evolving needs of customers, employees and citizens.

CDS manages the back end of the platform, including security. Initially, remote access to the solution of national importance by UK Government and CDS employees was protected by firewalls and other internal measures, but these were difficult and time-consuming to manage. CDS didn’t want to use a VPN, because VPNs are complicated to deploy and manage, and difficult for end users to use.

Availability and performance were especially important, as was protecting the platform from high volumes of malicious bot traffic, which would degrade its performance and incur significant bandwidth charges. Due to previous positive experiences with Cloudflare products, CDS deployed several Cloudflare solutions to address these challenges. Read more.

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