.uk domains

Suspended .uk domains can’t be renewed as back system hides them from front system - i have re-entered payment card & changed the card but as they are suspended by hard code on back system the front system does not operate renewal.

.uk domains have 90 day grace period by registry by cloudflare only gives 40 days & there is problem with back system not allowing renewal by front system.

If you can contact Cloudflare Support for help they’ll be able to determine the issue.

Please create a Cloudflare Registrar support request at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and select Cloudflare Registrar. Make sure to include as many details as possible about the issue, including any error codes or messages along with a link to this post, .uk domains. Once you have it, share your ticket number here for the attention of my Registrar colleagues.

Ticket number 2856630

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This domain has expired.
We were unable to process your payment. To keep your domain
registration, update your payment method.

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Hi there,
We are sorry to hear the issue you are facing with.
Our agent has responded in a ticket #2856630 to gather more information from your end.
In order to investigate and help your issue further, can you reply back to that ticket?

Thank you!

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To cut a long story short -
The .uk registry whois says the domains are suspended. Cloudflare
systems pre-maturely purge .uk domains from its systems and instruct
.uk registry to pre-maturely purge the .uk domains also after the
pre-mature time of only thirty days post-expiry if they are not
renewed by customer. Whereas uk registry has ninety days period to
renew .uk domains which Cloudflare does not follow. Cloudflare does
any not have automated reverse program for the pre-mature .uk domain
purge even though Cloudflare gives forty days post-expiry to unpurge /
bring back the .uk domain back to the customer account - these are all
software design bugs. So Cloudflare has to manually ask .uk registry
to reverse the purge and Cloudflare has to manually take my payment -
please send me url payment link or Cloudlare Paypal account?

Here are responses to your questions and requests -

one - Are you seeing any additional errors when clicking on Renew and
attempting to complete the renew process?

answer - no error messages or popups etc, please see attached screen
videos on firefox and brave-chrome browser.

two - The specific error messages being returned and/or behaviors you
are noticing on the Cloudflare Dashboard using incognito mode when
clicking on Renew

answer - no error messages or popups etc, please see attached screen
videos on firefox and brave-chrome browser

three - A full screen screenshot of the errors you are seeing if
different from the screenshot already provided

answer - nothing different to screenshot sent previously but attached
are latest screenshots with Har files attached showing nothing

four - Share a screen recording with the steps you’re taking

answer - please see attached screen videos on firefox and brave-chrome browser

five - A HAR file demonstrating the issue when attempting to renew

answer - Har files attached but show nothing

Thank you, I see the agent on the ticket has escalated this to the Registrar team to address. I have copied myself on your ticket to keep an eye out on progress.