.uk domains - cost +20c over wholesale

Recently, I’ve noticed that the cost of .uk domains via cloudfalre do not reflect the wholsale cost of GBP 3.90. ( UK pricing schedule – Registrar Resources ) - currently USD 4.80.

I am currently being billed USD 5.04 for .uk domains, a ~20c difference. This difference has been the case for some time, more or less.

Cloudflare specifically advertises: ( https://www.cloudflare.com/en-gb/products/registrar/ )

“Cloudflare Registrar will only ever charge you what we pay to the registry for your domain. No markup and no surprise fees.”

How often does Cloudflare change it’s internal conversion rate? or even better, are there any plans to bill in GBP/EUR? for domains originating in countries where they are sold wholesale in that currency?

Directly to the right of that quote shows you that ICANN fees have to be paid as well as the wholesale registry fee?



no icann fee on most ccTLD’s as they are not under icann control.

Transaction-based fees are assessed on each annual increment of an add, renew or a transfer transaction that has survived a related add or auto-renew grace period. This fee will be billed at US$0.18 per transaction for registrars operating under the 2009 or 2013 RAA.

Cloudflare are an ICANN accredited registrar so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be charging the $0.18?

Because there is no $0.18 on non-icann domains… pretty simple isnt it? No other “icann accredited registrar” charges an icann fee for .uk domains, and I use all of the major ones.

And even so, if they are charging it, it would be on the invoice, but it isnt.

Will see if I can get some clarification on this.

Billing replied in the escalation queue. It’s due to the currency exchange rate that’s updated every month.

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OK, that will explain the discrepency - are you able to tell me if this is something that will be looked at and if not, what day of the month it is updated? That way I can mitigate it somewhat. Important as I am managing 1800+ domains.

p.s. thanks!

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