.uk domain in invalid state after transfer

I transferred a domain into Cloudflare’s registrar and it’s now in a strange state.

On the domain’s overview page:


On the registrar page for this domain it says the transfer is still in progress:


If I click onto the Contacts tab it errors:


Whois confirms that the IPS tag is correctly showing as CLOUDFLARE.:

[email protected]:~$ whois cjcrosland.co.uk | grep -A2 Registrar:
        Cloudflare, Inc. t/a Cloudflare, Inc. [Tag = CLOUDFLARE]
        URL: https://cloudflare.com
[email protected]:~$

My conclusion is that something has gone a bit wrong somewhere in the backend.

I should perhaps add that it’s been in this state for hours.

I just checked cjcrosland.co.uk and the transfer has been completed. Sorry for the inconvenience here. We did see some issues earlier today for the transfer of .uk TLD’s, however that has been resolved.


Thanks! I can confirm that all looks good now.

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