Uisng bind to update cloudflare dns for subdomain

I have a subdomain, lets say lan.example.com. This private network has a dhcp server that updates hostnames in a local bind server (so host-a.lan.example.com with IP

My domain example.com has it’s DNS hosted in cloudflare. What I would like is for my on-prem bind server to update cloudflare as though it was a secondary DNS server. I do not want any remapping, so if someone queries cloudflare for host-a.lan.example.com they get the IP assigned by the on-prem DHCP server ( in our example).

It is hard to imagine a valid use case for publishing RFC 1918 IP space in your public zone. That said, you actually can use Cloudflare as


Secondary DNS is only available to Enterprise customers. For more details on activation and pricing, contact your account team.

If you care to explain your desired outcome and the reasons why you want to publish RFC 1918 addresses in your public zone, maybe someone in the Community can help you find a more fitting solution.

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