UI showing last viewed domain's Registrar status


I’ve noticed a bug when migrating domains to Cloudflare.
I initially tried to do about 40 domains all at once, painfully adding all the auth codes one by one, only to have the process complete about 5 of them, and the rest failed, but I was billed for each of them.

So I’ve been loading up each site individually, re-entering the same auth code, and then it usually goes through OK. (some troublesome ones take another go, or if I generate a new auth code it usually works after that)

However, going through this process has revealed a bug that caused me quite a bit of confusion until I realized what was going on!

So here are two of my domains, from the “Domain Registration” list, one successfully moved to Cloudflare, one in an error state, wanting me to re-enter the Auth code.

If I click the “Try again” button, it takes me to the spotdevices.com page and asks me to enter the auth code, this all works fine.

When I navigate to a domain that I’ve already transferred successfully, like airports2017 in the above screenshot. The panel for that one looks like this.

This is where the problem comes in, if I navigate back to spotdevices.com after previously being on the airports2017 page, I see this:

The panel says that the Registrar is on Cloudflare, no errors, nowhere to enter the auth code, etc. This is not correct, as the domain is not on Cloudflare, but still on GoDaddy pending that auth code re-entry.

Given that I was constantly going back and forth checking which domains had successfully moved and which hadn’t, this caused me much confusion, as they would say they were on Cloudflare, but then I’d check again and they weren’t!

This happens the other direction as well, if you go to a domain page that requires an auth code like spotdevices, and then navigate to a domain already on Cloudflare, it will say it needs an auth code.

This happens in both Firefox and Chrome, latest versions of both. A refresh of the page also fixes the issue.

I’ve found the most reliable place to look is that “Domain Registration” tab to find out what state all domains are in.

Hopefully this helps someone else avoid some confusion!


I can confirm this behavior. Jumping between domains in the Overview screen, that Domain Registrar is about one jump behind, showing the previous domain’s registrar. Giving @SamRhea a shout on this one.

EDIT: This is on latest versions of Safari and Mojave.

Thanks for the report - we’re aware of the issue with loading upon refresh. Working on a fix now.

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