UI for R2 dashboard

Hi there!

I’m a beginner on Cloudflare and currently building something using workers and R2 (I already use S3).
I’m trying things so I work a lot with the dashboard, so here are a few feedbacks:

  • There is no concept of creating a folder (as a symbol for prefix that ends with /) explained in the docs. So i wanted to test it myself.
    • First I went to the dashboard to create a folder but it seems it’s not possible (that I understand).
    • I tried to rename the file that I had uploaded at the root of the bucket in order to add a prefix but it’s not possible (that I understand less).
    • Then I went to your docs and understood that you can upload files with wrangler
    • but it’s not the case actually so I was a bit disappointed.
    • So I used S3 node API instead. It worked! That was easy so well explained on your side.
  • Then I wanted to download the file (key project4/hello.txt) from the dashboard but it failed each time. Looks like because it tries to download the file at this url: https://dash.cloudflare.com/api/v4/accounts/XXX/r2/buckets/bucket-dev/objects/project4%2Fhello.txt (note the %2 instead of the /)
  • Plus there are some layout issues:
  • There is no refresh button that allows to refresh the bucket content without having to reload the whole dashboard (that is quite long)

Downloading files with a / failing is a known issue.

The team is aware of the wrong wording/text on the dashboard.

What resolution is your screen in this scenario?

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What resolution is your screen in this scenario?

It happened when I opened the dev tools to understand that failing download