UCRAFT, Infinityfree, cloudflare linkage

I have a ucraft account where I am creating the website. I have used domains.google.com to buy the domain name and that domain name I have hosted on inifnityfree.net . However, when I am trying to link my domain to ucraft via Cloudflare, I am unable to do so, could you please provide a guide for the same?

Which domain?


Your domain does not point to Cloudflare.

So how can I fix that?

By following the documentation


I had followed the steps listed there

Then your domain would point to Cloudflare.

I dont know which name servers to use for Cloudflare on my domain registrar website? Also do I add these nameservers by replacing the website hosting nameservers or in addition to them?

Also Cloudflare gives me the message- " Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site"

First, Iā€™d suggest you get your site set up without Cloudflare. Currently it does not load at all.

the page is showing up for me but I cannot link it ucraft without Cloudflare apparently. How can I delete the site from Cloudflare? Then I can try setting it up again?

Right now it does not show up because of a certificate issue. You currently have Epizy nameservers.

Who is your host at this point?


And thats where you want to point Cloudflare to? What are their nameservers?


All right, this is what currently resolves, however the site does not load. So I am not sure what shows up on your end. You should get your site to work without Cloudflare first, otherwise this will never properly work.

Can I send an attachment?

You can post it here.