Ubuntu Landscape mirror and Cloudflare apt sources


I’m not super positive where this should go in terms of categories but figured “Developers” would cast a broad net.

I use Landscape to manage package repository mirrors, I’d like to also mirror Cloudflare’s repository.

Has anyone had any success setting this up? I can’t seem to figure out the right magical options to use with landscape-api create-series.


Hey thanks for the reply!

I have followed landscape instructions, in particular the repository API/configuration docs (can’t post links yet, I guess).

However it seems that Landscape expects the upstream repository to contain a specific URL path/pattern that is derived from pocket/release/distro keywords. It seems that that Cloudflare’s package repo seems not to follow this convention, or at least not in a way Landscape can handle.

Sorry I didn’t clarify earlier; I have used landscape-api with success for standard Canonical repos and several other third-party repos and PPA’s, Cloudflare’s package repo seems to be the only one that doesn’t quite work so far.

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