Ubuntu IPv6 Connection Problem

I am using Cloudflare Warp 2023.10.120-1 amd64 client on my Ubuntu 23.10 device. While I can successfully open a warp tunnel over IPv4, I cannot establish an IPv6 connection.

When I access it via wireguard instead of the official warp-cli, I can connect IPv6 and use it without any problems. I only encounter this problem when using the warp client on Linux. With the official warp client on Windows, I was able to obtain an IPv6 address without any problems.

My settings.json file

  "version": 1,
  "always_on": true,
  "operation_mode": "Warp",
  "disable_for_networks": [],
  "families": "Off",
  "dns_log_until": null

Connectivity output: