Ubiquiti Unifi Controller not accessible on mobile



I have a Ubiquiti Unifi Controller hosted in the Cloud and I cannot access the website from a mobile device. I get the below error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection
.com sent an invalid response.


I can access from the unifi app and from a desktop but occasionally need to access it mobile. Is there a setting on cloudflare or the controller I need to change for this to work?

Thank you


What is the domain?




Requests are redirected to port 8443 but SSL works. Can you post a screenshot of the error?


yeah It works fine on desktop, just mobile, I’ve tried several devices as well.


What is your minimum SSL version on Cloudflare?

Also, try rebooting the phone to make sure you are not using any cached DNS entries and contact the wrong server.


Can you connect via it’s IP?

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Using TLS 1.3 with a flexible certificate.


Try lowering that to 1.2.

And, Flexible is a bad choice in general as the encryption is broken.


Changed to TLS 1.2 and set certificate to Full.


Hey It’s working now. Just pulled it up on 3 mobile devices that I couldn’t get it pulled up on 10 mins ago.

Thanks Gentlemen!!

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It would appear your mobile devices do not support TLS 1.3

And :+1:t2: for the change to “Full”.


From what I’ve read, iOS won’t have TLS 1.3 until version 12.2 comes out. Bummer!!

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