UAM - Checking your browser before accessing
In firewall settings we have the browser check to BYPASS but it keeps showing - and when it shows it just keeps reloading - this is a BUG and needs to be fixed - Cloudflare support is currently down.

If CF continue to show these non-closing pages we’ll have to move away from CF because it’s blocking users from accessing pages.

Hi @pabloloveschess, if you

turn off under attack mode on the overview tab of your dash, the security check will go away

I see tickets coming in, but if you ever have an issue, email support AT cloudflare DOT com from the email associated with your account and mention the domain and issue. It’s always better to submit the ticket via the form as we run a bunch of automated tests based on what you tell us and put the results in the ticket for the engineer to review and retest as needed.

The security is required , it is set to bypass for locations - I am in those locations and it still shows this non-removing page.

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