U2F for logins

Yes, supporting Yubikey integration would be great. Looking forward! :heart: :heart:

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I was really hoping Cloudflare was more secure than AWS/GCP.

I carry my phone with me everywhere. The Yubikey stays at home.

Is there a reason for not supporting this that I am not understanding?

I hope to see that!

+1. I would like this as well.

A must have for security.
I have been using tokens for more than 3 years.
It is very convenient and greatly increases safety.

There should be an option to use a security key such as Yubikey. Using a YubiKey is much more secure than using an app-based TOTP authentication system.

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I too would really love to see this feature. Any progress in adding this request?

How has Cloudflare not introduced this yet?

Every major web service I use now supports Yubikey. Cloudflare doesn’t and yet it must be one of the most critically sensitive websites out there based on the potential damage from a bad actor.

So how is Cloudflare still limited to something that can be phished? Please sort this out asap.

Just noticed that Namecheap had implemented U2F support.

I once planned to transfer my 3 domains to CF but 2 of them weren’t supported. Now as much as I would like to manage all of my domains and DNS records in a single place, it seems that there have been more and more reasons for me to stick with Namecheap since U2F is obviously another advantage in terms of both security and convenience :pensive:

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I too would love to see this. I am happy that CF chose app based TOTP (time based one time passcode) over SMS OTP (text message one time passcode) as that is more secure but u2f security keys offer even stronger security and I hope to see CF support this in the near furure.

Also highly interested in this feature. With U2F coming to mobile devices soon, implementing this as an additonal two factor would be great!

+1, got my yubikey today, kind of surprised Cloudflare does not support it.

+1 Using the app is such a pain. Nearly every other platform supports Yubikey. Please implement this.

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This is being looked at:

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Another +1 for U2F/yubikey support.

Stay tuned!

Soon :tm:


OOOh yes please

+1; yes please :slight_smile:
And also for Login Methods on Access module please :wink:

+1 for this feature too!

+1 - I’d definitely love to be able to use U2F / Yubikey with CF!