TYPO3 backend, development mode and logs

We have a TYPO3 CMS multidomain.
Some users from an office and domain A cannot access correctly to backend. Some components does not load and it is not functional. I cannot reproduce the problem from my site office.

Some users from the same office and domain B do access to TYPO3 backend but with a trick.
We have realized that in “development mode” the problem does not occur, so we have made a patch that calls regularly every 3 hours to change to development mode on domain B but that is not the solution.

Is there any way to debug the problem?
Any additional Cloudflare log to try to figure out what is causing this.

Error messages and screenshots.

If things begin to work in Development mode, it sounds like a caching and or page rule cache issue. The users having the issues are probably caching rules that break the site.

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